Firms fear job losses as federal agencies insource more contracts

Federal contractors fear they will lose business as a result of new guidance issued by the Obama administration on when federal agencies should reserve work for federal employees. The Office of Federal Procurement Policy issued a proposed policy letter in March that defines functions that are “inherently governmental” and should be performed by federal employees. … [Read more…]

13 Organizations Sign Letter to President Obama Urging Narrow ‘Inherently Governmental’ Redefinition

Washington, DC, March 27, 2010 – A coalition of thirteen national business, taxpayer and free market organizations has sent President Obama a letter warning that the impending Administration redefinition of the term ‘inherently governmental’ functions will “have a serious and negative impact on taxpayers and private sector jobs, including those in small business”.  The organizations also noted their alarm … [Read more…]

Senate committee opts for smaller, cheaper spy satellites

The Senate Intelligence Committee has dealt the Obama administration a setback over plans to buy large, expensive satellites for intelligence and military operations, opting instead for a plan the panel believes would save money and be less risky. Billions of taxpayer dollars are at stake along with major contracting work for defense and intelligence companies … [Read more…]

Postal Service-Style Health Care

August 14, 2009 – President Obama stumbled onto the analogy which perfectly points out the dangers of the very government-run health care system that he advocates. In a recent public appearance Obama tried to assure concerned citizens that a government-option health insurer would not drive private insurers out of business. He said, “UPS and FedEx … [Read more…]

Obama cuts pay raises for federal workers

In an Aug. 31 letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Obama said he would use his power to reduce the federal employee pay raise set for January 2010 from 2.4 percent to 2.0 percent. “The growth in federal requirements is straining the federal budget,” wrote Obama. His letter said a 2.4 percent increase would … [Read more…]

Manufacturing Stabilizes, but Labor Market Is Still Weak

Declines in U.S. manufacturing activity slowed last month, raising the likelihood that the sector — and perhaps the broader economy — could see growth in the second half of the year. But separate reports showed the labor market remains weak, an obstacle to recovery. Read more at Wall Street Journal.