BCFC Compiling Examples of Government Competition from Stimulus Bill


As you have likely heard by now, Congress will spend significant time working on passing a new “jobs” bill in December. BCFC is working with members of Congress on amendment language for government agencies to utilize the private sector to the maximum extent practical, thus creating private sector jobs.

Whereas the original Stimulus bill passed earlier this year increased agency buildup of personnel (hiring of Federal employees) and other resources to compete with the private sector, Congress now has the opportunity to legislate a focus on private sector job stimulation. To help members of Congress make this argument, BCFC is compiling examples of Stimulus dollars having the opposite effect- exacerbating unemployment in the private sector, thus leading to the 10.2% unemployment rate. Should your firm, association or organization have examples of Stimulus money having been spent to ramp up in-house government capabilities by creating in-house commercial activities, hiring Federal employees to perform functions that could be performed by the private sector, buying equipment to support in-house functions that could be performed by the private sector, “in-sourcing” work that was previously contracted to private firms–all to unfairly compete with the private sector, then please e-mail such examples to BCFC Government Affairs Manager John “JB” Byrd.

This list of government spending to duplicate and compete with private sector enterprise needs to be exposed, and an amendment to the “jobs” bill is a prime opportunity to make this case for inclusion of a provision outlining utilization of the private sector.


John Palatiello
BCFC President

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